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Clayton State University


Master of Science in Applied Developmental Psychology

Master of Science in Psychology

Clayton State University
School of Graduate Studies

Dr. Deborah Deckner-Davis
Director Master of Science in Psychology

What is Applied Developmental Psychology?
Applied Developmental Psychology is a relatively new disciplinary orientation that seeks to serve the needs of infants, children, youth, and their families by promoting positive developmental outcomes and preventing a range of developmental difficulties through the effective utilization of evidence based programs and interdisciplinary collaboration.  This growing field builds upon a variety of professional perspectives including but not limited to developmental psychology, positive psychology, community psychology, public health, and policy studies.  

The Applied Development Psychology program at Clayton State University is structured as a terminal Master of Science in Psychology and prepares students for immediate employment in a range of settings including government and not for profit agencies, research centers, and parent education programs. The program will also prepare students who wish to pursue doctoral training in applied developmental psychology, developmental psychology, clinical psychology, and educational psychology.


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