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University of Washington School of Social Work


Partners for Our Children

Maureen Marcenko
Research Fellow
Ballmer Endowed Associate Professor
for Child Well-Being
Office: 206-221-3116
SSW Phone: 206-543-3546

Benjamin de Haan, Ph.D.
POC Executive Director
Ballmer Endowed Chair for Child Well-Being
Office: 206-221-3100

At Partners for Our Children, we bring together the best minds from the academic and child-welfare communities, state leadership and the private sector for one purpose: to improve the lives of children in foster care. Partners for Our Children was founded in 2007 to focus new thinking, resources and expertise on the state's child welfare system. We are a first-time collaboration between the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, the University of Washington School of Social Work and private sector funding. We exist to share our findings, exchange ideas and provide a neutral space where every member of the child welfare community can speak freely and frankly about critical issues affecting children.

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